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If you are suffering from dry eye, you are not alone. In fact, as one of the most common conditions affecting those who are age 50 and older, many adults in this age bracket suffer from chronic dry eye annually. Therefore, finding the best methods of treating this condition is imperative for a wide variety of people to live normal lives. That said, for those seeking an optometry professional in the Havertown, PA area visit The Eye Doctors. Here we examine your eyes with the best care and watch for signs, and symptoms, to keep your eyes as healthy as possible.


What is Chronic Dry Eye?

Although everyone can have dry eyes depending on their circumstances and environment, chronic dry eye is a term used to refer to a condition that involves dealing with dry eyes for months or even years at a time. This condition is often not relieved even with the help of eye drops and other OTC treatment methods.

Signs and Symptoms

If you believe you may be suffering from dry eye, you are likely suffering from one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Issues with Contacts: If you find wearing contact lenses to be incredibly uncomfortable, this may be due to an underlying issue of chronic dry eye.
  • Night Driving Issues: If you struggle to drive at night due to issues with seeing the roads, other cars, and/or people, this could also be a symptom of chronic dry eye.
  • Burning, Itching, and/or Stinging: If you frequently suffer from unexplained burning, itching, or stinging of the eyes, you may be suffering from chronic dry eye.
  • Light Sensitivity: If you frequently deal with light sensitivity, this could also be a symptom of dry eye.
  • Alternation Between Watery and Dry Eyes: If your eyes randomly cycle between being too wet and too dry, this may also be a sign that you have dry eye.
  • Red/ Sore Eyes: Eyes that are red or sore for no apparent reason could be a sign that you have dry eye.
  • Mucous Secretions: If you have frequent mucus secretions may also be a symptom.

Dry Eye Treatment Options

No matter the cause, we offer the following dry eye treatment options:

  • Medication (To reduce inflammation)
  • Eye Drops (To manage corneal inflammation)
  • Eye Inserts (To help keep eyes lubricated)
  • Tear-Stimulating Medications
  • Autologous Blood Serum Drops

See Dry Eye Relief, Visit The Eye Doctors

If you are in the Havertown area and seeking optometry care for your dry eye, visits The Eye Doctors. At the Eye Doctors, we are here to help you with all of your optometry care needs. Simply call (610) 449-5051 to schedule an appointment and begin treatment today!

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